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Katherine Joséphau


an other way to move
an other way to feel

Katherine Josephau's unique way to teach bridges African dance techniques spontaneity, Contemporean dance rigour and body consciousness of soft techniques.

Katherine offers to each one to master body fundamentals and to develop your own ability to dance and to improvise.

Summer workshop

Summer workshop

2015, August 15th to 20th in Ardèche
Dance and music

Dance and music

Dance and improvise with live music


Paris, Issy-les-moulineaux and abroad


choreographic pieces
Danse workshop

Danse workshop

One week of Dance with Katherine Josephau, open to everybody regardless of skills and experience, to awaken body awareness, open sensitiveness, develop movement consciousness in order to find each one own dance.

Deep body awakening in the morning thanks to original warm-up exercises to enhance body availability and prepare to move. After a short break, standing step sequences to enter the movement where rhythm and space notions will be addressed. In the afternoon, with instructions and small sequences we will approach improvisation with its multiples aspects. We will develop listening quality and group energy flow. We will look for music and dance interaction. This will naturally lead us to composition with musicians. This work will allow us to prepare without any constraint a short presentation at the end of the week, this peak of the week will be followed by a friendly 'jam'.

More informations

  • Katherine Joséphau

    Contemporary dance teacher. Educated in Guadeloupe then in Paris to Contemporary, African, Butoh dances and to movement analysis techniques, she developed her personal teaching and creative work since many years.

    She organises workshops and lessons and create performances and choreography with musicians in Europe, Guadeloupe and in South Korea where she continues to develop collaborations with traditional and street dance.

    She participated to creations and performances of many choreographers and artist in France and abroad: Elsa Wolliaston, Mic Guillaumes, Masaki Iwana, Koffi Koko, Bruce Taylor, Toto Bissainthe, Suzon Holzer, Grands ballets d'Afrique Noire, Norma Claire, Irène Tassembedo, ...) and she produces her own choreographic and performance activity.

    Recent creations : :
    - Duo "Bananier" with Philippe Perrier - Incheon Korea International Dance Biennale INDABI 2004,
    - Improvisation with Sabir Mateen (Sax), Didier Lasserre (Dms) - Montreuil 2008,
    - Improvisations Dance-Music with Olivier Floro and Philippe Perrier (Festival Canopy 2008 Paris),
    - Performances with Pakaré musicians (France 2005 à 2012),
    - "Grand chemin" Improvisation on Jean-François André paintings with Marelles musicians (Ardèche 2012),
    - "Waiting" with Taesun Yoo and Philippe Perrier Oct 2012, Seoul, South Korea,
    - "Montagnes" with Now Dance company and Philippe Perrier 2013 April Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival / ARKO Theater,
    - "Resonance" with Philippe Perrier Oct 19th & 20th 2013 Geryongsan Dance Festival, South Korea,
    - "Memories" 2014 with Philippe Perrier Oct 19th & 20th Geryongsan Dance Festival, South Korea,
    - "Experimental Sunday, Last Day of November" with Trio (Haku Sungho, Son Jihyun, Philippe Perrier) Blue Light Hongdae Seoul | 1st Feb 2015,
    - "Ah Ah Ah" Avril 2015 Seoul International Improvisation Festival Arkko Theatre May 2015 with four dancers (Oh Saebin, Park Knukl, Emmanueil Sanou, Katherine Joséphau) and two musicians (Haku Sungho, Amidou Balani).

  • Philippe Perrier

    Amateur saxophonist and poly-instrumentist, educated by ear and thanks to musical encounters. He participates to Katherine Josephau's choreographic and teaching activity since many years, always with improvisation in mind and mixing acoustic instruments with electronic ones.

    Found of Caribbean music and open jazz, he currently plays with "Pakaré" in Europe and Guadeloupe and with "Trio" in South Korea.

    Last CD :

    - "Experimental Sundaywith "Trio" - July 2015 (South Korea)

Dance and Improvisation

Painting by Olivier Laude